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What Makes Us Distinct

Learn about what makes TVIT Boise’s Best IT Company,
and what separates us from our competition.

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Treasure Valley IT
offers all aspects
of repair & support
for your business
or home
computer server.

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Treasure Valley IT
offers all aspects
of laptop computer
repair and IT
support for your
Business or Home
computer networks.


Our resources
include niche software
products that can
help you automate
routine tasks.


TVIT in Boise
provides cutting edge,
up-to-date computer
network IT security
solutions for your
business IT network.

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TVIT Vows to
follow a set
of IT Compliance
rules, and guidelines
for the safety of
our customers.


Expertise in IT Management

TVIT has provided years of IT management
experience for countless customers

Treasure Valley IT, Inc. (TVIT) is an information technology service & consulting firm serving the Boise, Idaho and Treasure Valley Metro area with certified engineers and computer technicians as well as business managers who have a high interest in customer satisfaction. We specialize in Network Managed Services and Network support for your Home and Business. With the explosive growth in computer and internet use comes an increase in computer viruses, worms and other system inhibiting problems, but also complex software applications, newer and more difficult operating systems and more and more IT-specific computer problems.

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Compliance Tools

TVIT is in compliance with a series of security rules to ensure the safety
and privacy of our customers and their systems/documents.

HIPAA Risk Analysis / REQUIRED
The very first requirement in the HIPAA Security Rule. HIPAA doesn’t say much but the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) offers guidance for smaller practices and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a free 95-page guide.

Healthcare Data Disaster Plan / REQUIRED
“Establish (and implement as needed) procedures to restore any loss of data.” Think less than more. While common sense says every medical organization and business should have a plan to survive a disaster, the HIPAA Security Rule only cares about access to patient data.
Audit Controls / REQUIRED
While everyone thinks their patient data is housed exclusively in their EHR system, it is all over the place—server folders, laptops, desktop computer hard drives, portable drives, and smartphones. The HIPAA Security Rule requires that access logs be created and stored for six years. To do this your network must be a Domain, not a Workgroup.

Humans Behind Computers

Take the hassle out of your technology with Boise’s premier IT service. Whether you’ve got a single workstation or a large network, our specialists will take care of your technology. Get the most out of your IT investment and enjoy peace of mind today. All work is 100% guaranteed.

Software Support

Server Repair & Support

Computer Repair & Support

IT Managed Services

Laptop Repair & Support

Data Backup

Hardware Support

Software Downloads

Network Assessment Reports

Security Management

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Our IT Technicians

The TVIT Specialist Team is capable of all sides of the spectrum of IT Services. We pride ourselves in our capable and amazing staff.

IT Managed Services

Skilled Professionals

Server Repair & Support

Friendly & Courteous

Computer Repair & Support

Background Checked
& Drug Tested

Treasure Valley IT

9462 W. Fairview Ave. Ste. A, Boise, ID 83704 – – 208-367-1000