What Are The Common Problems With Laptops?

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August 26, 2022
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What Are The Common Problems With Laptops?

Buying a laptop is a big investment, so it’s important to be well-informed on every way you can protect it. Part of that is understanding the common problems with laptops and whether they can be repaired or will end your computer’s lifespan. Our experts at Treasure Valley IT broke down everything you need to know about common laptop repair issues and what can be done about them.

Why Is My Laptop Not Working Properly?

When your laptop stops working, there isn’t always an easy answer to why it gave up on its duties. While that can be frustrating, expert technology technicians can help you dive deeper into your laptop’s issues and highlight why it’s behaving the way it is. Once they can answer the “why,” they can help you develop the “how” to properly fix or replace it.

What Are The Common Problems With Laptops?

At this point, you’re likely asking yourself, “what are the common problems with laptops?” Repairmen frequently encounter issues like laptop screen problems, issues with charging, laptop overheating, computer viruses, and the dreaded motherboard failure. Keep reading to learn more about what these issues mean for your computer system.

Laptop Screen Problems

Laptop screen problems can be everything from a small crack in your screen, to a completely shattered screen, to frustrating multicolored lines appearing on its surface. While laptop screen problems frequently keep you from using your laptop, they aren’t a death sentence for your computer. It’s regularly cheaper to repair the screen rather than replace your entire laptop.

Issues With Charging

Charging issues are another debilitating issue for your laptop, keeping you from holding a charge and using your computer. However, issues with charging are frequently fixed by simply cleaning your laptop’s crevices. Trained technicians are knowledgeable in dislodging materials blocking your charging port and cleaning your system without damaging it.

Laptop Overheating

When your laptop overheats, it can mean everything from overuse to software issues. While your laptop may heat up while it’s plugged into the charger, you can usually tell if it’s dangerous overheating because your computer will likely experience frequent crashes. Neglecting overheating can damage your laptop’s parts over time, so it’s best to get your computer looked at by a professional if you notice it’s regularly hot to the touch.

Computer Viruses

While computer viruses can be scary to deal with because they regularly stop you from accessing your important files, they won’t necessarily destroy your valued saved items. Computer technicians can use counter-programs to fight off your computer’s viruses and help restore any data hidden by the menacing invader.

Motherboard Failure

Motherboard failure is unfortunately one of the worst issues your laptop can encounter. When it comes to fixing your failed laptop, the process is not only complex but also wildly expensive. If your laptop is suffering from motherboard failure, it’s best to move on and replace it with a more reliable computer. Unfortunately, a new laptop is typically the cheaper option.

How to Diagnose Laptop Problems

Some laptop issues are easy to diagnose at home like an obviously broken screen. However, the reasons behind your laptop overheating or determining how to get rid of a computer virus aren’t simple at-home tasks. It’s best to send your laptop to a professional team who can pinpoint the source of your computer issues and correct your system safely.

How fast your laptop is diagnosed and repaired typically depends on how busy the repair shop is and how complex your computer issues are. Some issues may be able to be diagnosed immediately and given potential timelines or prices, while other issues may take longer and need more detailed repairs as the process dives deeper into your computer system.

Trust Treasure Valley IT With Your Laptop Repair Near Boise, ID

Treasure Valley IT is the reliable technology company in Boise, ID, that cares about its customers and puts their fulfillment first. That’s why all of our services are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We can help you pinpoint the source of your laptop screen problems or system failures and help you reach a solution, so you can return to your routine.

Is your laptop not working properly? The experts at Treasure Valley IT can help you restore your laptop’s efficiency and help ensure it fulfills its intended lifespan. When you need help with addressing what’s wrong with your laptop and undergoing laptop repair services in Boise, ID, don’t hesitate to call our expert team, at (208) 367-1000.

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