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IT Project Management in Boise, ID

Every business has unique IT needs that require a unique combination of IT project management solutions to pull off successfully. You might be surprised by how much goes into initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing these kinds of projects.

From software deployment to virtualization, Treasure Valley IT is the team to handle your IT project management in Boise, ID. 

Our experienced, multidisciplinary team has the resources and knowledge to handle these kinds of complex projects. With our help, you’ll have the ability to handle IT projects like larger organizations do, but without the high cost of maintaining your own IT team.

Helping Your Organization Achieve IT Project Goals

The rapid rate at which technology progresses makes keeping up with the latest standards difficult for organizations without dedicated IT teams. With IT project management services from Treasure Valley IT, you can ensure that your projects are in good hands.

These complex projects require significant planning to ensure that everything goes off without any major problems. 

Consider how much of your business relies on your network, applications, software, and hardware. Can you afford to have a poorly handled transition grind operations to a halt for days or even weeks? Leaving it to the professionals can prevent these mistakes.

One of the primary reasons that Treasure Valley IT is uniquely situated as an IT project management company is the wide range of experience that our team members have. By bringing together a team that knows many different aspects of IT, we ensure that all of the bases are covered when it comes to getting your project just right.

That’s why you’re better off going with the team at Treasure Valley IT than trying to handle major IT projects in-house. Even if you do have a dedicated IT employee, they won’t have the breadth of experience that comes with working with a larger team. 

While major corporations can afford comprehensive teams to handle their projects, reaching out for IT project management consulting is the best move for small to medium-sized businesses.

IT Project Management

at Treasure Valley IT

The IT Project Management Process

Treasure Valley IT can provide IT project management to take your projects from start to finish. We can help determine the overall course for the project, evaluating what your current IT infrastructure is and what needs to be done to bring about the results you’re looking for. Our experienced team will develop a plan for navigating that framework.

Throughout the entire process, we will focus on effective communication to ensure that your needs are always being kept at the forefront of the project. This approach will ensure that we arrive at the close of the project with your needs met, rather than finding that the project has overlooked some essential aspects at the end.

As an integral part of any IT project management, our team will identify and develop the key performance metrics that will be used to evaluate the performance of your project. Being able to accurately gauge results is a part of the process itself and one that takes the right knowledge, experience, and resources to carry out.

Treasure Valley IT can also provide ongoing monitoring and support for any IT projects. This support will ensure continued performance and provide your IT systems with the security, longevity, and reliability you would expect from your new IT projects. 

With Treasure Valley IT, you’re getting a comprehensive approach to IT project management that can provide for all of your organization’s needs.

How We Can Help Your Organization

Thanks to the varied experience of our team members, Treasure Valley IT can provide IT project management for a wide variety of different projects. We can work with your organization to provide custom solutions to projects that don’t fit into neat categories. We also provide support for a wide range of common IT projects, including:

Office Moves

Moving your office? IT Treasure Valley can ensure that your systems and network are safely migrated to your new site without significant downtime or security issues. New cabling, network setup, and other tasks can all be handled professionally by our team, saving your organization the trouble and potential risks of managing it in-house.

Server and Cloud Migrations

When it comes time to replace your aging servers, Treasure Valley IT can provide the IT project management necessary to ensure that all of your vital systems and networks continue to function properly. We can also coordinate the changeover from conventional servers to cloud services for your organization.

Hardware Upgrades

Is it time to change over hardware for your workforce? Whether you’re completely replacing computers or are carrying out upgrades, Treasure Valley IT has what you need. We’ll ensure that you get the compatibility you need from the new hardware without losing essential files or data in the changeover.

Security Upgrades

Is your network as secure as it should be? With more consumers accessing goods and services online and more employees working from home, your network could have more potential malicious entry points than ever before. We can provide you with the essential security upgrades to keep your organization safe.

Software Deployments

As new software solutions continue to be developed, there’s a chance at any given time that your organization could be doing its job better with newer software. When the time to integrate new software into your existing workflow comes around, you can count on Treasure Valley IT to ensure that the transition goes seamlessly.

Network Upgrades

Network projects can be some of the most demanding in terms of both resources and skill. You need real professionals handling your network, so count on Treasure Valley IT when it comes time to upgrade your organization’s infrastructure.

Treasure Valley IT Project Management Services

The team at Treasure Valley IT provides tailored solutions for organizations of all sizes in Boise, ID. No matter what your business needs to improve, develop, and maintain its IT capabilities, Treasure Valley IT can provide it. 

With the experience, knowledge, and resources to get the job done, we put you on a level playing field with companies that have dedicated IT teams. Just give our team a call today to find out how our IT project management can help you.


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