Managed IT Services in Nampa, ID

Managed IT Services in Nampa, ID

Information technology has become increasingly integrated into our businesses and personal lives. This trend has only grown stronger as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, more organizations will likely look to increase their remote operations. A greater reliance on information technology presents many positive opportunities for businesses and individuals. However, it can also result in a larger strain on your network.

This is especially true in the ever-growing city of Nampa. The natural beauty of the area and the low business costs have contributed to the success of its residents.

That is why Treasure Valley IT is proud to offer comprehensive IT management in Nampa. Our experienced team of computer technicians and certified engineers can manage a network of any size. We also provide options for both residential workstations and growing businesses.

What is IT Management?

While you may not have heard the phrase “IT management” before, you have likely experienced its benefits. IT management refers to the maintenance and monitoring of all of the parts of your information technology systems. This includes your software, hardware, and network.

IT management is a multi-faceted approach to servicing your network. IT management ensures that your systems work optimally at all times. This ultimately helps your employees to become more efficient, as well.

Management of IT includes things such as file back-ups and security software updates. It also includes any necessary repairs for your hardware and continuous monitoring services. IT management in Nampa is a great way to improve the reliability of your network.

Why Should I Outsource IT Management in Nampa?

Outsourcing IT management has become very prevalent among businesses for a number of reasons. One key benefit of outsourcing is that building and maintaining an in-house IT department takes time and resources. Assigning these duties to in-house teams can take your focus away from the day-to-day operations of your business.

Having a full-time IT department means that you’ll need to have technicians on continuous payroll. Extra employees can put unnecessary strain on your budget.

Eliminating waste is the key to running a successful business. Treasure Valley IT offers competitive prices and customizable service packages, so that you will only pay for the things that you need. This allows you to add services as your needs grow, while having an easy-to-manage monthly bill.

Outsourcing IT services is also a great choice for home networks, as your monthly demands shouldn’t require a full-time technician. Our team is available whenever you need us!

Managed IT Services at Nampa, ID.

Residential IT in Nampa

When it comes to residential IT in Nampa, our flexible service options are tough to beat. One of the most popular choices for local residents is the Club Fix-It program. This package includes everything that you need to keep your home network running optimally. Club Fix-It is available for a low monthly price.

The Club Fix-It program includes extensive benefits, like guaranteed preferred appointments. It also provides you with free monthly precision tuning for your hardware and a 20% discount on all repairs. We even include free annual cleanings and free commercial-quality antivirus software. These services would cost hundreds of dollars if they were purchased individually.

Data Back-Ups

In addition to the Club Fix-It program, our residential IT in Nampa includes data back-ups. Few things can derail a project faster than losing your valuable files to a hard drive crash. Surprisingly, over 140,000 hard drive crashes occur every week in the United States. Data back-ups are the only reliable way to safeguard against this mishap.

Our data back-up service involves saving your files to a secure off-site server. We do this at regular intervals, usually once a day. Our team protects the valuable information on these servers with anti-virus software.

Treasure Valley IT regularly monitors and tests back-up functions. Our team does this to ensure that the data was properly stored in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Commercial IT in Nampa

While we pride ourselves on the excellent residential IT services that we provide, we also offer a wealth of commercial IT options. Nampa is a strong hub for businesses, offering over 66 million potential consumers within a 750-mile radius.

Such a large customer base requires a quality network. Our IT services will give your business the capabilities that it needs to capitalize on the abundance of local opportunities in the Nampa area.

Of all of our business IT services, our comprehensive hardware support is the most popular. This service is especially appealing to newly established businesses. We make it easy to integrate new technology purchases into your existing infrastructure without having to have a lot of downtime for your systems.

Hardware support involves the installation of any IT-related devices for your business. It also includes ongoing repair and monitoring of your equipment. Our skilled technicians can install wiring, phone systems, computer systems, and all associated equipment.

As with our residential support service, our commercial IT in Nampa includes data back-up services for your business. We provide unique network assessment reports designed to aid in the performance of your technological components. These reports include a client risk report and a network management plan, in addition to detailed asset reports.

Commercial IT in Nampa for our customers also includes priority appointments. This means that you will receive guaranteed appointment times with a skilled computer technician. Our appointments are also available on nights and weekends so that your business will never be left in need.

IT Management Services Near Me

We offer services in Boise and the Treasure Valley metro area, including the city of Nampa. We pride ourselves on our competitive and comprehensive services. If something is a part of your network, we can fix it. From our focus on customer service to our affordable pricing, Treasure Valley IT does it all.

To make your decision even easier, Treasure Valley IT proudly offers a 100% guarantee on any and all work completed by our team. Contact us today and experience the power that comes with a partnership with Treasure Valley IT.


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