PCI Compliance Services in Boise, ID

PCI Compliance Services in Boise, ID

Every business needs to adhere to security standards if it wishes to accept, transmit, process, and store credit card data. While doing so isn’t required by law, merchant or payment service providers and card networks do require it of those making use of their services.

What do these requirements cover? What happens if your business fails its PCI test and you need help to become compliant? Treasure Valley IT helps businesses such as yours that find they have a failed PCI DSS report. Give us a call at (208) 367-1000 and we will readily help you in this situation as well. 

PCI Compliance Requirements

To comply with payment card industry standards, your business must encrypt cardholder data, manage its firewalls, keep antivirus software updated, and more. Every person within your business that has computer access must use a unique ID, and these are only a few of the many standards your organization must comply with.

 In fact, any information related to payment cards and cardholders is under the purview of PCI protection. This includes the information found on the payment cards and the accounts that are connected to the cards. 

Who Provides PCI Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council provides PCI compliance. The card networks created this independent body in 2006 to create and manage these standards. However, enforcement of the standards is actually left to the payment processors and card networks. 

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PCI Compliance Services in Boise, ID

at Treasure Valley IT

Any merchant accepting credit cards must be PCI compliant. The number of card transactions processed doesn’t affect whether this compliance is required. It does affect the required level of compliance.

Each card network maintains a PCI compliance program. If you are not PCI compliant, turn to PCI compliance services for help in resolving any issues. 

How Do I Get PCI Compliance? Turn to PCI Compliance Services


You may want to know how to get PCI compliance. The requirements differ by the size of the business and the number of card transactions the company handles each year. As your business grows, these requirements will change. For this reason, work with PCI compliance services to ensure you always meet the requirements. 


A PCI consultant will work with you to determine which requirements must be met. You will find the compliance requirements vary by the type of payments service your company uses.


Merchant account providers supply businesses with a specific type of bank account used for accepting card payments. You typically find the requirements that must be met in the terms and conditions of the agreement you and the merchant account provider sign. 

In contrast, payment service providers  (PSP) eliminate the need for a separate merchant account. The PSP assumes some compliance responsibilities. While you are required to remain PCI compliant, doing so is easier than remaining compliant with a merchant account. 

Hire a company offering managed compliance services. They will work with you to determine which requirements you must meet.

 As this can change over time, it’s best to develop a partnership with a company. They can ensure you meet updated compliance requirements as the business grows. 

How Long Does It Take to Get PCI Compliance?

There is no timeframe for PCI compliance. It depends on the tasks you must do to achieve this goal. 

A small company first starting out might find it can complete the process in only one day. However, a large corporation that handles thousands or tens of thousands of credit card transactions daily could find the process takes weeks. 

Company size, the complexity of the systems used, and the time needed to carry out the self-assessment play a role in the time it will take to complete the process, as well. Working with a PCI consultant speeds the process, as the consultant knows exactly what steps to complete during the process. They can provide you with a timeframe for the process. 

What Happens if My Business is Not PCI Compliant:?

You might panic if you receive a failed PCI report. There are good reasons to do so. If you are not PCI compliant, you risk harm to your reputation. Consumers see your organization as less credible, and its stock price may fall. 

In addition, card networks may revoke your ability to accept credit cards. This harms sales in more ways than one. Many people choose to only use credit cards. 

If you cannot accept cards, they may choose to take their business elsewhere. In addition, people spend more when they use a credit card. Your sales might suffer because you can only take cash and checks. 

Payment processors and card networks could impose fines if you fail to comply with PCI requirements. In addition, they could impose other penalties. For example, you might need to strengthen your information security before they will allow you to accept credit cards once again. 

You may be required to have an independent assessment completed by a qualified security assessor or QSA. However, every business classified as Level 1 must have this assessment, regardless of whether it remains in compliance. 

Why Work with Treasure Valley IT for PCI Compliance Services?

Many companies turn to a PCI compliance firm for help with meeting the industry standards. However, it’s best to turn to Treasure Valley IT for help with this task. 

Most PCI compliance requirements revolve around your IT systems. By working with our IT provider, you can feel comfortable knowing we will carry out all technical aspects of the compliance plan correctly. 

We help clients who are working to become PCI compliant for the first time and those who need to update an existing plan as the business is growing. In addition, if you find your company is facing an audit, our team ensures it is ready for this task. We can even help you change business processes to adhere to the compliance plan you have in place. 

Our team comprises skilled professionals who are ready to assist with any problem you are experiencing. They are friendly and courteous. 

Furthermore, we require our employees to undergo a background check and drug testing before working with us. We want you to feel safe when you choose us as your IT and PCI compliance services provider. 

Call us today to set up a consultation. PCI compliance is one thing you must monitor at all times. With our help, you can ensure you remain in compliance, so you better meet the needs of your customers. 


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