Hardware Support

Why Hardware Support?

Do you own outdated, mismanaged, or defective computer hardware? Most small or medium sized businesses do not have the volume of work to keep a full-time IT staff busy, but still need a reliable, experienced engineer to configure and maintain their server and computer hardware.

Business IT Management

Boise Computer Hardware Specialists

With a team of specialists, Treasure Valley IT services include computer system setup, wiring, phone systems, networking, maintenance, managed services, and more. If your business has computer networking or hardware issues, call TVIT for a free network analysis, and find out how TVIT can take the hassle out of maintaining troublesome or outdated computer hardware.

Business IT Management

Computer Hardware Brands and Products Supported by TVIT

At Treasure Valley IT, we specialize in fixing your current computer hardware or recommending the correct hardware that fits your business needs. Computer network hardware includes:

  • All Desktops, servers, storage and network systems.
  • Dell, HP, IBM, Macintosh & Apple Server, Printers, Switches, Hubs, Firewalls, etc.
  • Many brands of routers such as Cisco, Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, and ASUS, switches.
  • Other hardware.*

*Additional hardware is reviewed on a per-case basis.

hardware support at TVIT
Hardware Support at Treasure Valley IT.

Replacing or Upgrading Parts

If you need assistance with replacing or upgrading parts, Treasure Valley IT will help you find the hardware. Our knowledgeable sales and procurement staff will help you determine exactly what you need and what will integrate with your specific computer network.


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Take the hassle out of your technology with Boise’s premier IT service. Whether you’ve got a single workstation or a large network, our specialists will take care of your technology. Get the most out of your IT investment and enjoy peace of mind today. All work is 100% guaranteed. Thousands of people trust TVIT to be their managed IT Systems provider.

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